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How We Work / FAQ

How can we help your research?
Our model is simply to ask researcher's across the globe how we can help your research. We are not trying to convince researchers to buy a certain piece of equipment or to try a particular product, so we become a resource researchers return to time and again whenever a research tool is needed. 

We appreciate that as new technologies emerge, and as inventive researchers pose new ways of interrogating problems, the search for the right tools can require 'thinking outside the box.'

Who do we work with?
We work  with every size of company and organisation, whether academic or industrial,  in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, chemicals or basic research. We have particular expertise in identifying opportunities amongst smaller or newer companies, as these often have smaller networks and budgets for conference attendance & so may miss out on opportunities to find out about different products or services. 

The conventional pharmaceutical development model is changing, and as some large companies are downsizing & outsourcing, small biopharma companies continue to grow in numbers and diversity of function. However, the need for a broad range of drug development expertise remains the same, irrespective of company size. Hence there is great demand for outsourced service and facility specialists  as well as products that can enhance research programs, shorten product development time and eliminate false leads early.

Academic researchers are often highly specialised, interested in exploring new techniques and technologies, but constrained by the vaguaries of grant funding. Like their counterparts in industry, there are many competing demands on their time, and anything that can speed up the process of identifying the right tool for the next step will leave more time for what they are best at: pushing the boundaries of knowledge and sharing those findings at conferences, in publications and through educating the next generation of scientists. By putting a variety of suitable providers forward, we can also ensure they are getting the best price for the service or product they need, easing budget pressures.

How do we work?
Science is global, and as a virtual company, there are no limits to the geography we cover; we have researchers and providers across the globe. In this way we can respond to your needs either as a researcher who needs products or services to accelerate their studies, or as a provider that can supply those needs.

Our IT department is largely based in Sydney, Australia, while we have scientific expertise located near Cambridge, UK as well as admin staff in the UK and advisers we can call upon in the US.

Our IT and database experts work continuously in the background, identifying new opportunities for researchers and service, facility or product providers to work together. Our growing database already numbers many hundreds of providers and thousands of researchers at varying stages of research and product development and at varying levels of seniority.

What is our business model?
We work on a very competitive commission basis.

We look forward to working with you, and would be delighted to answer any questions you may have! Please feel free to email us at info(at) to find out how we can help you to grow.
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