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Why Human Focused?

Human Focused Testing is a “matchmaking” service between researchers looking for effective ways of furthering product development or research and innovative providers with the expertise to supply researchers with the most relevant services, products and facilities. Our business is to bring you business and connections and to act as an outsourced marketing service that will expand the scope of your activities world-wide.

Science is global, and as a virtual company, there are no limits to the geography we cover; we have clients across the globe. And in this way we can respond to your needs both as a searcher who requires and a provider that can supply

We actively seek out quality providers in every country, and niche market in every area of expertise, to ensure that searchers will always find all the available options and so be able to select the most suitable ones, without spending hours trawling the net and rifling through brochures from conferences. We give suppliers the means to compete on a more level playing field in terms of exposure to potential partners, so that researchers can base their decisions on the quality of a range of providers' offerings rather than the size of their marketing budget.

Likewise, we have an extensive and constantly expanding database of thousands of potential clients for those providers. Our clients include scientists from every industry generating products to which people may be exposed, including of course pharma and biotech, but increasingly covering cosmetics, agrochemicals, petrochemicals, household products and foods and beverages, as well as academic researchers in relevant disciplines. We target every size of organisation, from the fresh start-up which may be overlooked in conventional marketing efforts to global multinational corporations. We ensure our information is kept up to date so that companies receive relevant enquiries, and to provide search clients with a high quality, user-friendly service to turn to every time something is needed. Search clients must also register before being able to search, and are vetted to ensure to the best of our ability that only genuine enquiries are forwarded. These factors combine to make an efficient, cost-effective system which saves everyone concerned a great deal of time.

We realise that the confidentiality of our clients, both providers and searchers, is key to your confidence in us. We will never disclose information that you have notified us we may not disclose, and we keep the terms of any agreements made, either between Human Focused Testing and client, or between search client and provider, as well as details of any revenues generated, strictly confidential.

We believe that the best people to negotiate details of work to be carried out are the provider and search client themselves, and so we put you in touch with each other after we have preliminarily established that there is a genuine opportunity for you to work together.

With full-time staff based in the UK and Australia, and advisors in the US, we look forward to handling your requests anywhere in the world, be across Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil and South America, Russia, Japan, Asia and South Pacific basin, including the strongly emerging markets of India and China. We look forward to accelerating your development, enhancing your presence on the global stage and bringing your products and services to those who need them, while allowing you to focus on bringing great research and products to the market.

Let us help you to identify the services & technologies which will help you navigate regulatory requirements, particularly with the advent of the EU's REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of CHemicals) programme and Cosmetics Directive and the US High ProductionVolume (HPV) Program.