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Human Tissues

We find the human tissues,  functional tissue assay providers and stem cells (including iPS, hES/ hESC) you need.

We work with the leading biorepositories, tissue sourcing agencies and clinicians to offer you the most comprehensive tissue procurement network. Ask us to find the tissues you need for your research. We can also introduce you to specialist providers of human tissue assay services.

With thousands of public and private tissue banks/ biorepositories and procurement agencies worldwide, each varying in size, quality and access to follow-up clinical data, and an increasing number of fresh/ frozen/ fixed tissues, biofluids and organ suppliers, it's rarely straight-forward to source human tissues for your research. This is especially the case if specimens are rare, required in large amounts for biochemical studies, must be processed in a particular way to generate tissue microarrays (TMA) for biomarker identification or for genetic research- both key to personalised medicine- or must arrive within a limited time-frame to facilitate sensitive fresh functional assays. 
Organizations also find it increasingly  convenient to use licensed facilities to store large numbers of biospecimens, for example where collected as part of clinical studies or clinical trials.

We work with a world wide network of clinical facilities and public and privately funded biorepositories/ biobanks and can quickly identify sources for the samples you need. 

We also source the stem cells, iPS (induced pluripotent stem cells) and hESC/ hES (embryonic stem cells) that could help you gain vital insights in your disease or developmental studies.
We can source fresh tissues prospectively, and flash-frozen or fixed (e.g. FFPE or formalin-only) collections either prospectively or, in many cases, retrospectively, including both surgical resections, FNA (fine needle aspirates) and post mortem donations, as well as biofluids, including CSF (cerebrospinal fluid), bone marrow, fresh or frozen whole or processed blood and blood-derivatives, serum, plasma, buffy coat and urine samples, with the associated clinical data. We can source matched pair tissues (with healthy & diseased samples from the same donor).

We believe in giving researchers a choice of providers with which to liaise so that you can base your decision based on the most important criteria for you.

We assess and introduce you the human tissue sources that can meet your needs. All MTAs (material transfer agreements), contracts etc are usually between you & the source directly to facilitate transparency and to maximise the speed with which your project can progress. Researchers always know the identity of the source.

Contact us to help you to find any tissues you need for your research, from neurological tissues, including rare brain tumor types such as medulloblastoma, lung samples and biopsies, whole organs such as brain, kidney, eyes and ears, or eye parts such as retina or vitreous fluids, samples from donors with mental illnesses, biosamples from donors with degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease or Parkinson's Disease, autoimmune disease samples, including thyroid, infectious disease samples (bacterial or viral), to cardiovascular disease tissues and embryonic/ fetal materials, stem cells and of course healthy or "normal" control samples.