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Dr Margaret Clotworthy

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Reagents, lab supplies, equipment & facilities

We find the reagents, high-tech equipment, lab supplies and facilities you require.
Increasingly sophisticated assay systems can require more advanced supplies and equipment to ensure that your data is as relevant, accurate and in-depth as possible.
Whether you are looking for new types of 3-D cell culture scaffolds to generate more complex & in vivo-like conditions, biomimetic substrates, reagents that confer advantages over conventional antibody technologies to probe cell signaling, cell sorting / FACS or molecular interactions, raw materials, porphyrins or want to hire production and storage/ biostorage facilities across the world to allow your business to be nimble and operate wherever customers need you, we will help you to source the best technologies and providers for your needs..

 Let us know what products, reagents, equipment or facilities would help you to gain that extra  competitive edge, and we will locate them for you.

We introduce you to the suppliers and partners who can meet your needs, saving you time. All contracts or service agreements are directly between the researcher and the provider to maximise transparency.